AEMTA's 6 Partners

Summary of the project grant details
Summary of the project focus areas

AEMTA responds to a strong strategic market need to establish the UK as a key future supplier of advanced products for more electric aircraft.  This has the potential to enable significantly reduced aircraft fuel consumption (of the order 3-6%), by removing weight and optimising motor and engine performance, whilst improving reliability and reducing maintenance and operating costs.

The project targets doubling the high-temperature performance of electro-mechanical systems operating in harsh environments, to 250 degrees celsius – 280 degrees celsius, necessary due to the need to move electrical motors and machines closer to the engine core. 

For the supply chain partner companies, the project has provided invaluable opportunities to work with a Tier-1 customer. 

'Accelerated growth of each partner by developing Advanced Machines Technologies for Aircraft through sharing and collaboration' is our vision and 
our strap line for the programme is 'Growth and innovation by collaboration'