Arnold Magnetic Technologies Ltd – (Arnold), who are one of the project partners, aim to push forward a number of new and emerging technologies within the project:


•    New high performance  Recoma™ SmCo Permanent Magnet material

•    Development of Shaped Field™ magnets for motor applications

•    Design, implementation and validation of composite containment techniques for high performance electrical machines,                       

      specifically for the aerospace sector

•    Novel “noise resistant” magnetic sensor system being developed.

Martin Satur, European Managing Director of Arnold said “Being able to offer the customer an integrated solution for complete rotor assemblies, including design support, global sourcing, manufacture, precision grinding, composite containment and dynamic balancing is a key driver to Arnold being the World leader in such technologies.  AEMTA has allowed Arnold to significantly accelerate this process, de-risk the product and position ourselves for new business within the aerospace sector”.

AEMTA responds to a strong strategic market need to establish the UK as a key future supplier of advanced products for more electric aircraft.  This has the potential to enable significantly reduced aircraft fuel consumption (of the order 3-6%), by removing weight and optimising motor and engine performance, whilst improving reliability and reducing maintenance and operating costs.


The project targets doubling the high-temperature performance of electro-mechanical systems operating in harsh environments, to 250°C – 280°C, necessary due to the need to move electrical motors and machines closer to the engine core. Arnold Magnetic Technologies are regarded as a leading solutions provider in this sector.

Arnold Magnetic Technologies Limited

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Stator and rotor assembly manufactured by Arnold Magnetic Technologies within the AEMTA project


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