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AEMTA is a large R&T project led by Safran Power UK, working with an extensive supply chain and academic researchers, addressing high performance and environmentally robust electrical products. 

Midland Tool and Design Ltd (MTD) are proud to be one of the partners working on the AEMTA project. This has enabled MTD to exploit knowledge and contacts gained through collaboration with the other partners and to expand its business.

MTD’s involvement within the project is to share knowledge and expertise in tool design, lamination stamping and corepack joining methods to suit either high performance, low cost or arduous requirements.

Another valuable contribution made by MTD is design for manufacture advice at design input and verification stages. This allows reduced design time and risks associated with component manufacture.

The project is providing investment to grow the business with expansion of MTD’s bonding cell and research facility into different joining methods.

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Since MTD Ltd was established in 1969, we have worked on a wide variety of precision engineering projects, for a huge array of customers around the world. Forty years at the top has given us the expertise to deliver on manufacturing tooling, press tooling, core stack supply, grinding, and precision metal stamping. We specialise in technically complicated carbide tooling projects which need to be turned around very quickly, at competitive prices. Our solutions are unique, because they are tailored to the customer. Our presses include Bruderer and Bliss (between 50 and 200 tons) guaranteeing accuracy, meaning our prototypes always meet your requirements – there is no need for re-qualification at the production stage. We work in a vast range of sectors, including medical, aerospace and motorsports. 


Midland Tool & Design Ltd (MTD) have a long association with electrical motor and electrical power generators stretching back over 40 years.

This association began in the late 1960’s, designing and manufacturing high speed precision lamination press tools to meet the customer needs of both accuracy and quality, which even to this day are exported worldwide.


In more recent years the electrical motor/generator has seen a resurgence with the drive for cleaner, efficient energy and alternatives to fossil fuels.

Due to the renewed interest along with MTD’s historical involvement, MTD’s has progressed its services to offer not just the tooling, but also the production of laminations to support its ever growing customer base in many diverse industries and developing working partnerships to meet and exceed this demand.

This synergistic approach has now been expanded to include taking the lamination tooling, to the supply of laminations and now to the assembled core pack level.

This next development in MTD’s services has been achieved with the involvement of the AEMTA Program as Darren Booton, Managing Director, MTD explains – “ MTD were being challenged by our customer’s to help with the development of their motor portfolio. With our long history of lamination tooling the move to the supply of laminations wasn’t such a great leap in technology for us. To move further upward in the supply chain to supplying assembled Core Packs, would take a greater understanding of the needs and aspirations of not what our customers needed for today, but for the future. Being part of the AEMTA Program has benefited MTD, in gaining the knowledge and expertise in both existing Core Pack joining methods, but also to be challenged by the lead partner to test and develop new exciting methods and question current thinking. The knowledge that MTD has gained throughout the project through these challenges and also working with collaborative members of the AEMTA Program including manufacturers associated with the electric motor/generator supply chain and also Universities at the leading edge of new development, this will enable MTD to exploit the knowledge gained and offer this to all current and new customers”.