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Professor Simon Hodgson of Teesside University explains:

“Our research group at TU specialises in functional materials and coatings, with orientation towards electronic and electrical applications.  Over more than 10 years, and through a range of Innovate UK, TSB and EU research projects, we have developed a suite of complementary high temperature electrical insulation technologies for both electrical and magnetic components of electrical machines for a range of commercial applications, ranging from exotic inorganic materials targeted as specialist applications operating at temperatures in excess of 500°C through to enhanced stability polymer based systems such as those developed in this project, targeted at incremental performance increases in more conventional electrical machine designs in the More Electric Aircraft and other applications.  It has been a huge opportunity to work with such a range of organisations, all bringing together different technologies and expertise to the table, collectively enabling us to make significant strides in both the technology development and commercial realisation of the technologies needed for this next generation of cleaner, more fuel efficient passenger aircraft.”

The collaborative AEMTA project is focussed on the development of technologies to facilitate the development of the More Electric Aircraft (MEA) concept a helping to establish a future UK supply chain for the commercial exploitation of these.

Teesside University’s role in the project is focussed on the development of novel enabling materials technologies required to produce the high performance, robust and lightweight electrical machines used in the MEA - particularly the electrical insulation materials which are one of the key performance limiting factors in these systems.

Within this project, we successfully developed innovative polymer nanocomposite insulation systems for electric wire insulation coating and encapsulation/impregnation which substantially outperform the current market leading products.


  • Highly thermal stable insulated wires  capable of sustained 280°C Plus operation

  • Compatible impregnation systems to facilitate machine manufacture

  • REACH-compliant formulations and processes

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Phone: 01642 218121

Current market leading insulated wire product (PI). As supplied.

Current market leading insulated wire product (PI). After insulation failure after 360°C x 2 days.

Newly developed wire insulation from AEMTA. As produced.

Newly developed wire insulation from AEMTA. After surviving testing after 360°C x 10 days.

Newly developed AEMTA wire Insulation.

Comparative electrical insulation performance (Breakdown Voltage) after thermal ageing of current market leading PI insulation and newly developed insulation materials.